I was the Project Engineer representing the Colorado Department of Transportation on project STA 086-047, SH 86 Founders Parkway project located in Douglas County, Colorado. The project began in January of 2011 and was completed in March of 2012. Castle Rock Construction Company (CRCC) was the Prime Contractor and work completed by CRCC included Storm Drain and minor water line work.

The storm drain included 9,354 LF of RCP in various sized from 15″ to 36″. The storm drain also had over 100 inlets and manholes. The inlets were cast in place by a subcontractor; however CRCC was responsible for their construction and completed the excavation and backfill.

The water line work consisted of removing a fire hydrant and installing a new fire hydrant nearby. The old tap was plugged and a new tap installed for the Town of Castle Rock. All of the work noted above was installed timely and efficiently. There were no price reductions or problems with the storm sewer installation. The construction crew was conscientious, took pride in doing a good job, and adapted to changes caused by unknown field conditions such as utility conflicts. There were no change orders issued that related to the storm sewer or water line installation. The Town of Castle Rock had no problems with the water line installation.

Thank You,
Michael Brenner, CCM

Michael Brenner, CCM

I had occasion to manage 2 projects within the last 5 years that CRCC constructed. The projects involved extensive concrete roadway/highway paving, earthwork, irrigation, drainage improvements and related work.

All work was generally of good quality and was completed within contract time. Any deficiencies or quality conformance issues were addressed satisfactorily. All work was completed in reasonably close
conformance with approved plans and specifications.

I found Ralph Bell, the COO of the company to be reasonable and responsive both in terms of completing the work and negotiating change orders. All other CRCC staff can best be categorized as easy to work with and responsive to project requirements.

I view CRCC as qua lified and capable to do the work described above, and would not object to working with them again (recognizing that our role is not to select contractors).

John W. Simmer
Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.

State of Colorado
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