To whom it may concern:

This letter is to attest to the ability, workmanship and professional work ethic that I have witnessed from Castle Rock Construction Company over a time span of almost three decades. I have worked with Castle Rock Construction Company in a variety of capacities. In the early stages of my career with the Colorado Department of Transportation I worked as an Inspector and Tester. This required me to spend long hours working with the field crews to insure that the product that was being placed met the specifications required for that given project. Later in my career with the department I was an Assistant Project Engineer, Project Engineer, Resident Engineer and Managed the Concrete and Physical Properties Laboratory. In these capacities I worked with Castle Rock Construction Company’s project management personnel as well as their corporate personnel. In 2011 I retired from CDOT and took a position with Denver International Airport managing their Landside Engineering Unit. In this position I again have had the opportunity to work closely with Castle Rock Construction Company on major construction projects outside the airfield fence.

I have found that Castle Rock Construction Company to be a “no nonsense” company that prides themselves on getting projects completed on time. Their staff works hard to provide the customer a quality product on time, each and every time. As the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Concrete and Physical Properties Program Manager I chaired several specification task forces. Castle Rock Construction Company always had representatives present to give input and insight as these specifications were developed. As the DIA Landside Engineering Project Manager I worked with Castle Rock Construction Company on the reconstruction of inbound Pena Boulevard from 64th Avenue to Second Creek. This project was a great success being completed on time, on budget and within specification.
I look forward to working with Castle Rock Construction Company this Spring on the reconstruction of Pena Boulevard phase two. I have no doubt that Castle Rock Construction Company will meet or exceed the level of quality and cooperation I have received from them on previous projects over these many years.


Glenn M. Frieler P.E.
Denver International Airport
Planning and Development
Landside Engineering Unit

Glenn M. Frieler P.E.
Denver International Airport

I’m writing in regards to my experience working with Castle Rock Construction Co. I have had thepleasure to work with Castle Rock Construction for most of my 27 years with COOT. In fact, I worked with them on one of their first COOT projects when they came to Colorado and were doing business as I.F. Jensen in 1984.

Since then, Castle Rock Construction has been the prime contractor on three more of my construction projects. The first was a $20 million project on 1-76 in Region 6. That project consisted of 5 Y2 miles of new interstate concrete pavement, approximately 1,000,000 cy of Embankment material, and 4 new bridge structures. CRCC did an outstanding job managing the project and all of the sub-contractors. They devised a new Traffic Control plan that expedited the construction and minimized traffic control costs on the project. The project was extremely successful, was completed on time, and came in under budget, despite numerous unanticipated changes.

CRCC constructed a 10-mile section of 1-76 between Atwood and Sterling. The project was fairly straight forward, but it was a fairly large project and included 10 bridge structures. They did an excellent job with all aspect of the project and again completed the project on time and under budget.

The last project was the US 385, Idalia North and South project constructed in 2010. This project was extremely difficult to build since it was a 28′ concrete section through a portion of Eastern Colorado with severe side-slopes. The working room on the project was very close, since one-way traffic had to be maintained through the project. Castle Rock Construction developed a very good Phasing plan to utilize the two project locations to expedite the work. They also piloted the “blended aggregate” specification on the project with much success. The project location was subjected to several atypical storms including tornados and severe flooding. CRCC did an excellent job of coordinating sub-contractors and managing the near disasters. The final product was a beautiful stretch of highway and won numerous state and national awards. CRCC is always very professional and a pleasure to work with. They take great pride in every project that they are involved with. I would recommend them for any size or complexity of heavy highway construction project. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working with them on every project that they have had.

L. Brett Locke
Resident Engineer Region 4, Sterling

Please accept my congratulations for winning a national concrete award for the CDOT project ST A 0853-070, 17110, US 385-north and south. This recent project presented several unique challenges that your company formulated successful solutions in concept and reality:

  1. Approximately 10 miles of7.5″ concrete paving on a narrow two-lane road with areas of a steep shoulder. You orchestrated a traffic control plan and work schedule that prepared a widened road base that later allowed a well-organized paving operation.
  2. With a high interest by Castle Rock Construction and CDOT to have a resultant smooth highway from this project you undertook development of an optimized concrete mix, instigated rigorous Quality Control for real-time gradation monitoring and assured that the paving base was prepared properly. Your HRI results 41 to 65 were outstanding.
  3. This project was the first COOT project with concrete paving on a Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) base. The existent highway was an extremely distressed asphalt (HMA) pavement that had long ago exceeded its usefulness. You embraced the FDR concept and provided a recycled and outstanding base to supplement the new 7.5 inch concrete (PCCP) pavement.

Tills project is an example of the fine work your company has provided on Region 4 COOT projects. Please consider that these abbreviated remarks only reflect a small part of your rigorous efforts to provide excellent concrete pavements to your customers. Please be at liberty to share this recommendation with others to convey your company’s ability to provide a necessary and vital part of the transportation system.

Gary DeWitt
State of Colorado

This letter is written as a recommendation for the subcontractor services provided by Castle Rock Construction Company on the 120th Avenue Connection Project for Edward Kraemer & Sons (EKS). Castle Rock Construction successfully completed just over 1.8 million dollars of concrete paving and flatwork including:

  • 41,000 SY of 9-1/2″ Concrete Pavement
  • 14,000 LF of Curb & Gutter
  • 49,000 SF of Patterned Colored Median Concrete

Castle Rock Construction helped to make the 120th Avenue Connection Project successful for all involved. EKS has been soliciting.pricing quotes from Castle Rock Construction for the projects that we are currently bidding. I would recommend their concrete services in the future. Please feel free to call me at 303-688-7500 with any specific questions regarding Castle Rock Construction’s performance.


Kassie Watson
Project Manager