SH 119 County Line Road to I-25: Del Camino

State Highway 119 between I-25 and County Line Road is a growing corridor north of Denver that connects Longmont to Boulder and the surrounding Cities. This 4-mile highway project exemplifies Castle Rock Construction’s ability to aggressively approach its projects and perform a variety of operations. The original finish date on this project was Summer of 2017. Our crews have met high production goals and aggressive schedules so that we can complete all the paving work by the end of 2016. This approach to our work has dramatically limited the impact on the travelling public. The highway will be entirely open to traffic prior to winter, alleviating the need for dangerous work zones through those months as originally planned.

An innovative adaptive traffic signal system which reads traffic flows and changes the timing on signals to help move the traveling public.

The project scope includes:

  • Bridge resurfacing on 2 structures and the construction of new approach slabs
  • 75,000 CY of embankment material
  • 135,000 SY of pavement removal
  • 75,000 SY of full depth reclamation
  • 200,000 SY of 9” dowelled concrete pavement
  • 18,000 CY of riprap placement

One of the challenges on this project was the complexity of work in live waterways.  The 2013 floods in Colorado caused scouring around bridge piers in the St. Vrain Creek and the Idaho Creek box culvert.  In addition to rebuilding the roadway, repair from the damage done by these floods, and preparation for future flooding, were focus points for the Colorado Department of Transportation on this project.  The design solution for the prevention of future damage in these areas included placing riprap on the slopes for over a mile and around the structures in the waterways to armor the bridge piers, abutments, box culvert and embankments on St. Vrain and Idaho Creeks.  We used inflatable coffer dams to divert water and worked in phases in order to keep the water flowing while we completed this work.

While not officially a Project First job, CRCC and CDOT utilized those concepts to work through a number of problems and challenges to keep the project on track and make it successful for all.

The durable concrete pavement placed on this stretch of SH 119 and the flood repair and preparation work completed on this project will serve the residents of northern Colorado for many years to come.  CDOT and CRCC maintained a strong partnership to accomplish project goals while finishing ahead of schedule.